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Introduction to Splore

Splore is an answer engine that simplify knowledge access to your business domain. With a personalised and engaging interactions, level up your customer support experience with Splore!

What is is a single place for your customer to ask all questions related to your business and community. Splore customises smart agents based on your data (e.g. Web, Files, Discord, etc.) to ensures that answers are accurate and tailored to your business context.

With Splore, your customers can:

  • One stop shop for all support: Go to your Base to get answers to their support questions and find links to the other support platforms you have.
  •  Keep your users updated: See all your recent updates, announcements, and release notes.
  •  Up to date and evolving support: Instead of constantly manually posting FAQs, publish previously resolved queries for easier accessibility.

What is a Base on

As a company, you can create a Base which serves as your knowledge space in

Within a Base, Splore gives you full control to configure your data sources and AI-agents behavior to deliver the best support experience for your customers.

In the same space, your customers can ask questions and get relevant answers to their support queries, reducing the workload of human agents.

Base in


How do I create a Base on

Creating a base is easy!

  1. Go to and click 'Create a Base'.

  2.  Sign Up to create your account in Splore.
    • We support Discord, Email, and Gmail to make the process easier!
  3.  Complete your Base profile to make it discoverable to everyone.

How do I configure my data sources?

In your Base, go to 'Settings', and go to the 'Knowledge' section in the sidebar. In this section, there are two sub-sections: Website and Files where you can configure your data sources.

Once you have uploaded your data sources, Splore will crawl and process your data to power Splore Agent in answering your customers' questions accurately. Therefore, the more data you feed to your Base, the smarter your Splore Agent will become.

Configure Websites

  1. Augment Result: When enabled, Splore will augment your data sources with Splore's global index for a richer knowledge base to generate answer.
  2.  Sites to Search: Add your knowledge base URLs here as the primary sources to answer your customer's support questions.
  3.  Sites to Exclude: Specify certain websites that you don't want to generate answer from. Useful for blocking unreliable sources to provide a more truthful answer for your customers.


Configure Websites Section


Configure Files

Upload your offline documentation in this section.

  • Supported File types: Documents (PDF), Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), Text Files (TXT)

Upload Files Sectionupload-files-sectionUpload Files Section

How do I use Splore in my Discord server?

  1.  In your Base, go to 'Settings', and go to the 'Integrations' section in the sidebar.
  2.  In the section 'Discord', click 'Connect' to link your Base with your Discord server.
  3.  Choose the Discord server where you want to install your AI Agent (Splore Bot).
    • Splore Bot will use the same configuration as you have done in your Base.

  4.  Complete the Discord authorization as prompted.
  5.  Voila! You have successfully installed Splore Bot in your Discord server.

To activate and start using Splore Bot, please read here!

How do I post resolved queries to my Base?

Resolved queries are useful for knowledge sharing within the community. With Splore, your customer support effort would automatically be documented and kept for future reference, allowing for a dynamic knowledge creation.

As a Base Owner, you can view all the questions that have been asked within your Base.

base-owner-can-view-all question-asked-in-base

Base Owner can view all questions asked in the Base

For each of this question, you can post them by clicking "Make Public". When a question is public, customers who visit your Base would be able to learn and gain insights from it.

Should you deem the question is no longer useful for others, simply click "Hide" to remove it from your Base page. If a question is hidden, your customers would not be able to see this question in the Base.

Lastly, if you want to delete the question, click on the "Delete" button. For your information, deleted question would no longer be visible nor accessible in the future.

How do I invite my Team to manage my Base?

As a Base Owner, it might be overwhelming to manage knowledge and questions in the Base on your own. Therefore, Splore allows you to invite your team as a Base Admin to efficiently configure your Base together.

  1. To invite your team members as Admin, go to 'Settings', and go to 'Base Profile' section in the sidebar.
  2. Choose the 'My Team' subsection.
    My Team section in Base Settings
  3. Click "Add Members", and invite your team by using their email address.
  4. Your team member will receive an email address with a link. Simply click that link, and your team member will automatically be registered as Admin in your Base. 
    Use your team email address to invite them as Admin in your Base
  5. As an Admin, you can help your Base owners in configuring data sources and AI-agents behavior, as well as curating questions to post in your Base page
Coming soon
  • New Base page design to improve the Q&A experience better
  • Agent Configuration: customise your agent behavior, tailored to your business context
  • More Integrations with your website, slack, etc.