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Creating Your First Post

Creating Your First Post

After successfully setting up your base as a server admin, you have several options for uploading content:

Posting Discord Content in Your Server:

To add posts to your base, you can start by pinning messages in your server. These pinned messages will appear on your Splore base connected to your server.

Begin by pinning and sharing engaging content in your server to captivate your audience.

Posting Content on Splore:

To create your own posts on Splore, follow these steps: a. Click on 'Create your first post.' b. Write a compelling title and content for your post. c. You can also click on 'photo' to upload an image for your post. d. If you have links from Discord, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Reddit, or TikTok that you want to include, simply paste them in the content section. We'll assist you in adding a thumbnail to your post. e. For added visual appeal, remember to upload a banner to make your post more attractive.

Posting Discord Content on Splore:

If you wish to feature Discord content on Splore, here's how to do it: a. Select the message from your server that you want to showcase on Splore. b. Click the three dots located in the top right-hand corner of the message. c. Choose 'Copy Message Link.' d. Paste the copied link into the URL field on your community page and click 'Post.'

9 months ago


DM any staff member to claim! DM a Co-owner to claim double booster!

<:a_flowerdot:942977069535625217> 1 boost !! • custom role • <#838593214784077884> access • 4x entries in giveaways • Pic perms in all channels

<:a_flowerdot:942977069535625217> 2 boosts !! • all perks above • shoutout for your server/socials with here ping in <#843573386357243914> ! (MUST BE BOOSTING FOR 1 WEEK) • 30 robux n/t OR 20k RHD (dep. on stock) (after 2 weeks boosting) Unfortunately robux/rhd are currently unavailable as I am on break!

19 hours ago
How to create my first post

After successful creation of the base, you have several ways to upload content to your base as a server admin:

You can pin content in your server to add posts to your base. Pin messages in your server to make them appear on your Splore base connected to your server. Start pinning and sharing engaging content in your server to captivate your audience.

You can post content on Splore by yourself.

See Post content in your base

19 hours ago
Create your base profile

Set up your base profile after inviting the bot to your page.

Add your base banner picture and base profile picture

These pictures will be displayed at your base and on the Splore home page. The goal of these pictures is to help users identify which server they’re visiting at a glance. You can also use the ones from your Discord server.

In order to dress your base for success, keep the following recommendations in mind when choosing a banner picture:

Clearly show the topic of your community in pictures. For example, show who you are if you are streamers, or show the main content of your channel if you are creators.

Upload an image or GIF that’s at least 452x210 pixels, better in a 16:9 aspect ratio. To ensure a consistent look across all monitor resolutions, it is best to make your image as wide as possible.

You can use a photo from your Discord community’s profile and banner.

Add your base bio

Add or change your base bio. Writing a bio for your base helps to introduce your base to Splore users and will make it easier for people to search for and join your community. Remember to write about the topic of your community and whether you are streamers, youtubers, content creators, or famous players, remember to write down your name in the bio. This helps improve your base’s discoverability by providing content for SEO that a search engine can read and then use when people are searching for you or other similar content.

Add links to your base

Add links to your base. Linking your social media accounts and external links about your community helps to provide users with an opportunity to check out your community’s other media and get a sense for what your community is about. The links we recommend you to add are Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok.

Note: Your base profile will be public to everyone.

2 days ago


2 days ago
Welcome to Los Angeles.
2 days ago
4-Directional 2D Walking Animation: Facing Camera, no Paper (+code) | Game Builder Garage Tutorial
2 days ago
Kirby 3D Model Template V1: Idle, walk, multi-jump, inhale & shoot | Game Builder Garage Showcase
2 days ago
Thumbnail with 3 NODONS | Game Builder Garage Tutorial
2 days ago
Custom Music/BGM with Marker Nodon & Bull's eyes (Zelda Lullaby) | Game Builder Garage Tutorials #9
2 days ago
04 Jumping and Walking animation with different textures | Game Builder Garage Tutorial 101
2 days ago
Game Builder Garage | Checkpoint 6 Walkthrough
2 days ago
NINTENDO has UPDATED GBG after 2 YEARS!?! What's new? #gamebuildergarage
Codm twitch
2 days ago
Call of Duty: Mobile Twitch channel
Shouko Komi
2 days ago
I remember how HunterTV did a video, where he was walking on Alcatraz territory and and recalling moments he had in the Warzone.

You need this video.

2 days ago
Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Season 8: Patch Notes
2 days ago
Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Season 9: Graveyard Shift Trailer
2 days ago

Tear down the system and unleash pandemonium in Season 5, which brings the new Armada Strike map and Search & Rescue mode to Multiplayer, and includes the new FFAR 1 Assault Rifle, updates to Tournament mode, and more.

2 days ago

Templar returns stronger than ever in Mythic form for Season 6. Compete in 4v4v4 in the new Arena mode, hit the high seas in the expanded Armada map for Ground War, pilot the new Golden Goliath in Goliath Clash 2.0, and more.

2 days ago

Summer’s in full swing and hot new content is on the way for Season 7. Deploy to an idyllic retreat in the new Seaside Multiplayer map, provide your robot companion with safe passage in Safeguard, earn additional rewards in Tournament mode, get a brand-new Battle Pass packed for summer fun, and more.

John Price
3 days ago

Reboot your skills in Kurohana Metropolis, an all-new Multiplayer map coming in Season 8. Battle around tight corners with the new Argus Shotgun, check out the new Super Slide playlist, earn rewards through new seasonal challenges, get a brand-new science fiction–themed Battle Pass, and more.

2 years ago

MA-7727-3976-9058 Format: multi-tile, solid, transparent Tags: urban, fall, red, orange, yellow, leaves, corner, diagonal, sidewalk, gray, asphalt, road, yellow, line, concrete, street, path Instagram @/colin.crossing

4 days ago
for Myst's 30th anniversary!
baby carrot
4 days ago

is there a way to get through this door?? it’s the boarded up one in the apartments i have my prybar equipped and when i click on it it just makes a locking sound it seems like the area is explorable

Smoker on the Balcony
4 days ago
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut is now available on all platforms! 🎉
4 days ago
60% off in Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale! 🧧
Joyce Messier
4 days ago
'Disco Elysium: The Final Cut' Is A Grimly Gorgeous Genre-Bender


Imagine waking up with no memory. No memory of the night before, no memory of your family and friends, no memory of your own name, even.

Hangover-induced amnesia. You wake up — after a despairing battle with your psyche — pantsless and decaying in your battered hostel room, the window smashed, hot water flowing indefinitely out of the bathroom faucet.

Disco Elysium first came out on PC in October 2019. NPR didn't review this indie treasure then, so Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is our chance at redemption. This time around, developers ZA/UM added a fully voice-acted script and extra quests. And the best part is, if you purchased the original, you get these additions for free.

After you manage to throw on your flared pants, funky jacket, and alligator skin shoes, Disco Elysium mercilessly pushes you into a grisly, corrupt world where you play as an unnamed detective (you can't remember your name). As it turns out, there's a bloated body hanging from a tree behind your hostel. It's up to you and your more reserved partner-in-crime to uncover the truth. Not just about the murder, but your past, too, clouded by alcoholism and a mid-life crisis.

Disco Elysium is an unusual amalgamation of genres. Bending and blending video game genres isn't unheard of, but Disco Elysium takes it to another level, combining aspects of open world games, retro point-and-clickers and classic tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. It's a masterclass in implementing the best parts of several genres and creating something entirely new.

Before you embark on your whodunit, your first task is to choose what kind of cop you'll be in the fatigued, fictional city of Revachol. Maybe you'll favor a character build with higher intelligence, but far less social skill. Or maybe you'll take a more aggressive approach, using physical strength and intimidation to get information from people. But you only have a certain number of skill points to invest in your protagonist, so it's up to you to decide what attributes you'll focus on.

In Dungeons & Dragons, your success in a campaign comes from lucking into high dice rolls. Rolling a low number, for instance, might result in a failed escape from a mob of monsters. A high roll on the other hand might grant you vital access to secret information. Disco Elysium's uniqueness comes from that same feature. When interacting with NPCs (non-player characters), a high roll could reveal more information about the murder, or let you establish greater authority over a major character. A low roll could damage your morale and even affect how a person interacts with you in future events.

Dice also play a role in the unconventional "combat" in Disco Elysium. In a more standard RPG, there will likely be elements of combat, whether it's stealthily taking out enemies in Assassin's Creed or getting into a fistfight with a stranger in Grand Theft Auto. Disco Elysium's combat is far less traditional. There are opportunities to punch and shoot, but the success or failure of those interactions doesn't come down to your button-mashing skills. Roll a high number and you might knock out the bodybuilder guarding a door, but if you roll low, prepare to be socked in your still-drunk face. Although it may seem frustrating that dice rolls leave events to chance, it's all based on the skills you chose in the beginning, so choose wisely before taking a gamble.

You might be thinking: "So if there isn't a lot of combat or traditional exploration, where does all the gameplay come in? What do I actually do?" Believe it or not, most of the gameplay is reading dialogue — both with NPCs and your own depressed, chaotic mind — and choosing how you'll respond.

But before you start to snore at even just the thought of that, bear in mind that it'll be the best video game dialogue you've ever read. Each character, no matter how small, expertly ushers you deeper into Revachol and its sickening, underground criminality. The racist truck driver taunts your non-white partner, the union boss grins as he manipulates you and the kids throwing rocks at the hanged man find creative ways to call you a pedophile.

4 days ago
Investigation: Who’s Telling the Truth about Disco Elysium?

Following the explosive allegations that Disco Elysium has been stolen from its original creators, People Make Games uncovers a far more nuanced story than the one you may have heard so far. Buckle in, this is a big one.

4 days ago
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut Review
Counter-Strike | CS:GO & CS2
4 days ago
Basic CS:GO Tutorial Beginner's Guide
4 days ago
CounterStrike Calls

4 days ago
CounterStrike Smokes

4 days ago
Rise to Glory: Discovering the Next Big CS:GO Tournaments with Splore

Esports is a world buzzing with excitement, and right at the heart of it is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This legendary first-person shooter has truly won the hearts of gamers all across the globe. Its competitive landscape has grown into a mesmerizing spectacle.

Now, if you're a passionate CS:GO enthusiast, hold onto your seats because we're about to take you on a thrilling ride. In this blog post, we will uncover the upcoming major Counterstrike tournaments using a groundbreaking social platform called Splore.

The Quest for the Perfect Platform: Introducing Splore

As a Counterstrike tournament enthusiast, tracking multiple tournaments, schedules, and teams can be daunting. This is where Splore comes into play – a game-changing social media platform designed to make your CS:GO experience smoother and more enjoyable.

What is Splore?

Splore is not just another run-of-the-mill social platform; it's a hub for finding new members and communities to join. While the Splore bot is currently exclusive to Discord, it offers a sneak peek into the features that will soon grace

One of its key functionalities is the ability to pull pinned content from your server. Content such as announcements and updates on events will show up on when the bot is installed. It even has AI search functionality, which complements traditional keyword search to help you find precisely what you're looking for in the blink of an eye. Moreover, it can scour public web data right inside your Discord server.

The Magic of Splore: Unveiling CS:GO Tournaments

Now that you're acquainted with the CS:GO tournament landscape and the promising potential of Splore, let's find how this innovative platform can elevate your CS:GO experience.

1. Counterstrike Tournament Discovery

Splore's AI search is truly a game-changer. It can analyze your preferences and suggest upcoming CS:GO events that match your interests. Whether you're into regional competitions, major tournaments, or even specific teams, Splore has your back.

The keyword search function is your trusty sidekick. If you're looking for something specific, like "CS:GO major schedule" or "upcoming CS:GO events," just type it in, and Splore will deliver the latest information.

2. Stay Informed with Real-Time Updates

The CS:GO schedule can change at the drop of a hat. Splore ensures you're always in the know by providing real-time updates. No more missing out on your favorite team's matches or crucial tournament dates.

3. Connect with Fellow Fans

Splore isn't just about gathering information; it's a vibrant community of CS:GO enthusiasts. Joining Splore communities and Discord servers allows you to connect with fellow fans, discuss strategies, and find teammates for your CS:GO adventures.

How to Get Started with Splore: Your Passport to CS:GO Excitement

Step 1: Join the Discord Server - Your Gateway to CS:GO Bliss

Before you can harness the power of Splore, you'll need to gain access to its extensive features. The first port of call is to join the dedicated Discord server where Splore has set up shop. Think of this server as your portal to a universe teeming with CS:GO excitement.

Why the Discord Server?

Discord is at the center of the Splore experience, where CS:GO fans and enthusiasts gather to access the latest tournament information, engage in discussions, and build connections within the gaming community.

Step 2: Bot Activation - Your Key to CS:GO Insight

After successfully infiltrating the Splore Discord server, the next crucial step is to activate the Splore bot within your own Discord channel. Just follow the guidelines provided by the server administrators to get the bot up and running.

Why Bot Activation Matters?

Activating the Splore bot is like unlocking a treasure chest filled with CS:GO insights. It allows you to tap into the full range of Splore's capabilities and ensures that you're privy to real-time updates, tournament schedules, and more.

To download the Discord bot, click here.

Step 3: Utilize AI and Keyword Search - Your CS:GO Compass

AI Search: Splore's AI search function is akin to having a personal CS:GO concierge. It understands your preferences and suggests upcoming CS:GO events that align with your interests. Let the AI work its magic as it unveils a world of possibilities.

Keyword Search: If you have specific CS:GO queries or are looking for particular information, the keyword search is your trusty companion. Type in keywords like "CS:GO major schedule" or "upcoming CS:GO events," and watch as Splore retrieves the latest and most relevant data.

These tools are designed to simplify your CS:GO journey. AI search keeps you updated on events you might not have discovered otherwise, while keyword search puts the power in your hands to find exactly what you're seeking.

Step 4: Join Communities - Your CS:GO Social Haven

Last but certainly not least, don't overlook the vibrant CS:GO communities thriving within Splore. It's not just about gathering information; it's an opportunity to connect with like-minded fans who share your passion for the game.

Joining CS:GO communities on Splore allows you to:

Share your thoughts, strategies, and insights with fellow fans. Discover new friendships and even potential gaming teammates. Stay informed about community-driven CS:GO events and initiatives. From fan art to fan fiction - indulge yourself in the rich tapestry of CS:GO culture.


CS:GO has this incredible global appeal, and it's no wonder fans from all corners of the world are getting more hooked than ever. Staying in the loop with all the Counterstrike tournaments and events can be quite a task, but that's where Splore steps in.

Gone are the days of endlessly scouring the internet for CS:GO major schedules or fretting over missing your favorite team's matches. Splore streamlines it all, delivering everything you require directly to your Discord server, ensuring you're consistently one step ahead.

So, whether you're an ambitious esports hopeful, a dedicated enthusiast, or simply someone eager to explore the dynamic realm of CS:GO, Splore stands as your ultimate companion.

Embark on this exciting journey to uncover the next monumental CS:GO tournaments, and brace yourself to soar to glory in the realm of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

4 days ago
New artwork of the recently crafted 4x titan holo printstream!

6 days ago

Gooooooood morning @everyone, Happy Sunday once again! Did we all enjoy last week's race? Don't know about you, but I sure did <:RiesStronk:882579372471648286>

Today we're gonna be running races in Online, but if we have 5 people or more, I'm thinking to do custom races again <:monkaDrive:931821392511524865> What do y'all think?

Happening at




Also, I'm testing out a new programme called Splore that'll hopefully help these messages reach a wider audience; check it out here at and let me know what you think! <:DinoHype:931816813451431936>

Have a fantastic day, and see y'all on stream <:DinoHeart:882691210026815489>

13 days ago

Hey @everyone, are we all excited for tonight's race at Marina Bay? <:RiesStronk:882579372471648286>

I know I said I would stream it, but looking through the schedule, I realized that it's incompatible with my usual stream timings, so I'll be doing a short Forza Horizon 5 stream later on at my usual timing, but end a little earlier (I mean, I wanna watch the race too!) but I'll see if I can stream it on Discord!




See y'all on stream <:DinoHype:931816813451431936>