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2 days ago
Best Discord Bots for Community Servers

Looking for a way to help make your server better? Your search is over with this list of the best Discord bots for community servers.

Running a Discord community server is a challenging task. It demands a significant amount of your time and attention to pull off. However, downloading Discord bots can simplify your life and bring much-needed features to your server.

So, here are our picks for 10 of the best Discord bots you can use for community servers.

1. Splore

Check it out here.

Splore is a free Discord bot that allows you to promote your content outside of Discord. It features SEO and content discovery, helping you reach new members organically. It also supports AI answering and customizable or emoticon-based searching. Not to mention its ability to track your most active members and even send them custom messages.

All you have to do is invite the Splore bot, let it do its magic in 5-10 minutes, and you're server will automatically be uploaded to With the extra visibility on and the bot's capabilities on your server, you'll have twice the power. The best part? Splore is completely free with no hidden charges.

2. MEE6

Check it out here.

MEE6 is one of the most popular Discord bots for server management. It boasts a 4.8 Trustpilot score and is used in over 21 million servers. How can you not use MEE6 with exciting qualities like customizing your own bot, dishing out reaction roles, a text-based leveling system, and sending welcome messages to your new members? But that's not all – MEE6 offers advanced custom commands, social media alerts, moderation tools, and extra server protection. Power users can also explore additional plugins to expand the bot's capabilities, adding automation, polling, and ticket tracking to its long list of features.

3. Hydra

Check it out here.

If you're looking to spice things up in your server, look no further than Hydra. Hydra is a Discord moderation bot that mainly showcases its ability to supply reaction roles and welcome messages. It flaunts a robust infrastructure, guaranteeing a nearly 100% uptime. One of its standout features is the Message Builder, enabling users to set up fancy custom messages with matching embeds and buttons to boot. Additionally, a user-friendly web dashboard can be accessed for customization purposes, eliminating the need to memorize prompts.

4. Dyno

Check it out here.

Dyno is a fully customizable Discord server bot, making it perfect for seasoned admins searching for a powerful and versatile addition to their server. It offers a wide selection of integration features, including channel-based games to automation, role selection, and management options. Trusted by over 8.7 million servers, Dyno offers both free and premium services. Its intuitive and user-friendly web dashboard makes server management more fun and easy.

5 ProBot

Check it out here.

Having a professional-looking Discord server is one of the best ways to keep new users. ProBot simplifies this process and helps make your community more welcoming. This multipurpose bot has already been integrated into over 9 million servers, including some of the most popular content creators.

ProBot offers a range of key features, such as customizable welcome messages, self-assigned roles via reactions, embedded messages, and a reward leveling system. These settings can be customized to align with your server's themes and personality. While ProBot provides a free version, you also have the flexibility to upgrade to a premium subscription for an enhanced experience. They offer various tiers, ensuring you only pay for the features you'll use.

6 Arcane

Check it out here.

While the name might be similar to League of Legends' original series, it has nothing to do with the bot. Sorry, LoL fans. Arcane provides a versatile addition to a Discord server, providing leveling, logging, welcoming, management, and moderation tools.

Its standout feature is the ability to customize the leveling experience, encouraging increased interactivity among users within your community. Additionally, Arcane offers a range of valuable components that become accessible through its premium subscription plan.

7 Apollo

Check it out here.

Boost your server's interaction rate with the Apollo Discord bot. While it's one of the newer additions to the scene, it still packs quite the punch, comparable to others on the list. In addition to basic management capabilities, Apollo supports one-click signups, recurring event reminders, and time zone adjustments, simplifying scheduling to a single click.

It's the perfect bot to improve productivity through proper planning and time management. The paid features also include custom event signup options with the ability to incorporate animated images or custom colors. Event planning has never been this fun.

8 StatBot

Check it out here.

If you're looking to track in-depth stats about your server, then StatBot will prove to be a worthy addition. Trusted by over 400,000 servers, it supplies detailed, accurate, and valuable data. This data can conveniently be presented on the channel itself or through the personalized dashboard. You'll likely find more customizable role bots, but StatBot provides something they can't – activity-based role removal. StatBot can give and remove roles based on a member's activity level on your server. This ensures that you'll always reward members who always interact within the server.

9 Double Counter

Check it out here.

Some of the most common problems that a community can encounter are alt accounts and bots. Well, the Double Counter Discord bot will make your life way easier by protecting your server and eliminating threats before you even know about it.

Double Counter accurately flags alt accounts, block raids, and stops VPN users from accessing your server. They do this by identifying 20+ risk factors curated over 3 years of threat modeling. Any relatively large server can count on Double Counter to keep them safe.


Check it out here.

Finally, we have From the name itself, I'm sure you can decipher that is a tipbot that any server can use as a middleman, or middlebot, in this case. Donations and monetary support aren't new to the online world, and can make collections faster and more accessible to all. supports over 500 cryptocurrencies, making it incredibly versatile. Additionally, the inclusion of engagement features via different minigames promotes more activity. There are also built-in trader and miner tools for more advanced users and crypto lovers. It's free, easy, and offers instant deposits and withdrawals.

3 days ago
Top 15 Discord Servers for Gamers to Join in 2023

Discord servers are used to connect people with mutual interests to play games, chat, share ideas, and much more.

Although Discord servers, also called Discord communities are designed for multiple purposes, discord servers for gamers help pro gamers, amateurs, and beginners, chat with each other, find out the latest game updates, connect with like-minded people, and form teams. These servers are launched both by the game companies and gamers themselves to enjoy gaming more by talking to people by text, video, or voice calls.

Additionally, some discord servers work for several games at once while others are created specifically for a single game.

So, if are you looking for a Discord server to play a game with your friends and spend quality time, then we have got you covered in this article.

Read on to find out more about Discord Servers, and see our top picks of gaming Discord servers to join in 2023.

How to Join Gaming Discord Servers?

You can join gaming discord servers either by searching for a public discord gaming community or through an invite link from a fellow gamer or streamer.

1. Joining Public Gaming Discord Server

Public Discord servers are open to everyone and you can join a public gaming discord to connect with other players and make new friends.

To join, simply search for any gaming discord server community you would like to join and click on it. A window will open up. On the top, you will see the sign of joining that server.

Once you click join, another window with the rules of that server will open up, read the rules, and accept to join.

Here’s a quick video tutorial to help you out, How To Join A Gaming Discord Server

2. Joining By Invite from a Fellow Gamer or Streamer

Some discord servers are set to private to ensure the audience is specific and not random. Private gaming discord servers are usually hosted by streamers who share a specific link for their discord with their audience to join the community.

Clicking the provided link will take you to the join page of that discord. Simply click that link, read and accept the rules and you will be in!

Note: Discord servers have a set of rules that you need to follow. These are set by the Administrator and moderators of each server. You must follow the rules to stay in the community and enjoy its perks without being restricted, or worse, kicked out.

15 Best Gaming Discord Servers to Join this Year!

Below are the best gaming discord servers to join in 2023,

1. VALORANT Discord Server

VALORANT Discord Server is one of the top servers to join in 2023, with 1 million users, out of which about 200,000 are active.

Being an official gaming server hosted by Riot Games, VALORANT Discord has a lot to offer including Valorant LFG server.

It allows you to join important channels including Valorant LFG, discussions, interest groups, and more. It also provides updates about gaming tournaments and events.

You can subscribe to Valorant Discord Server through two premium packages and enjoy exclusive content. These include Legend costing $2.99 per month and Champion costing $9.99 per month.

Legend subscription provides access to premium channels, Valorant LFG discord, voice chat streaming, external stickers, reactions, images, and GIFs while Champion allows access to Valorant LFG discord servers, featuring on the sidebar, music control, and voice chats.

And if you don’t want to subscribe, you can just join general access, and be a part of the Valorant discord server without the special perks.

2. Minecraft Discord Server

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games for more than a decade and Minecraft Discord is an equally popular discord gaming server in 2023.

The Minecraft Discord server helps you connect with Minecraft players and join channels that cover the topics of Minecraft news, answers to your queries, mechanics, block creations, general discussions, and much more.

Moreover, the Minecraft Discord server has 1,100,000+ users out of which about 139,000+ are active at one time on average.

You can also have access to Minecraft LFG discord which connects you to a number of Minecraft servers and communities.

3. Official Fortnite Discord Server

Fortnite is one of the most thrilling survival games since its release 7 years ago and the official Fortnite Discord server takes a high rank in all of the gaming Discord servers.

With 958,000+ members, the Official Fortnite Discord server continues to attract more gamers each day. The Fortnite LFG discord provides you the opportunity to create your own group to play with through the Fortnite LFG channel.

The server has multiple channels including Save the World, Bug Reporting, How Do I, Fortnite News, Royale Battle, Weatherman Broadcasts, and more.

4. Roblox Discord Server

Roblox is an online gaming platform that has a large number of games. It was developed by Roblox Corporation and it has a Roblox Discord channel with over 780,000 members and 120,000 active members.

Roblox Discord server allows connection through both single and double-player games. Its channels are focused on Roblox Gamebux, Roblox Studio Community, Jailbreak Gaming, Developer School, Roblox LFG, Roblox News, and more.

5. Genshin Impact Official Discord Server

Genshin Impact takes you to the world of fantasies where you can be in magical places playing the characters of superheroes.

Its Genshin Impact Official Discord Server has been launched by the MiHoYo for its users to stay updated about breaking news, new activities, upcoming events, and tournaments.

It is one of the most populated discord servers having over 1 million members with 310,000+ active players that will make you wait for your turn for a while.

6. Among Us Discord Server

Created 4 years ago, Among Us Discord server has over 327,000 members. It allows you to connect to 4 to 15 players to play Among Us matches.

A great thing about this server is that it provides a specific talking time to the players to help them find the imposter and win the game.

Moreover, it offers 24/7 live chat as thousands of users are online, Among Us LFG groups to join more games, private rooms for your friends, and a chance to make new friends.

7. Rocket League Discord Server

The Rocket League Discord has over 700K members making it one of the largest gaming communities on Discord.

Rocket League Discord Server is an official server by the company to connect people interested in the Rocket League game which is a combo of soccer and cars.

It has channels for live chat, LFG Rocket League, game trading, personalization of gaming cars, esports news, Rocket League discussions, gaming events, and communities.

8. PUBG MOBILE Discord Server

PUBG Mobile has its own name in the e-gaming industry with people playing it on casual as well as professional levels. Its PUBG mobile discord enables the players to make connections and win chicken dinners through good teamwork.

The PUBG discord server has about 600,000 members and hosts channels that include conversation and chatting, gaming news, PUBG LFG, information, group participation, online tournaments, and constant community support.

9. Apex Legends Discord Server

Apex Legends Discord is an official discord community introduced by Respawn Entertainment and supported by Apex Legends developers. The Apex Discord server has about 800,000 members with around 130,000 active users at a time. So, it is one of the top Discord servers for shooting games. Apex Discord channels provide access to Apex LFG; discussion about game techniques, strategies, community happenings, and competitions; allow you to officially join the Apex Legends community; and have a feature to share your art, in-game screenshots, live streams, and videos.

10. Sky: Children of the Light Discord Server

Sky is a wholesome adventurous game with fantastic visuals and graphics. The amusement of the game doubles when you can talk to your friends as you play.

This discord server helps you chat, play, communicate, share interesting information, upload art, and join gaming events.

It has 540,000+ members, out of which 37,000 can be found online anytime. Sky Discord is an official server through which you can give feedback, error reports, and more to its TGC developers.

11. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discord Server

The Animal Crossing New Horizons Discord server is a fun server to connect the players of Animal Crossing to chat, visit each other’s homes and islands, show pets, trade stuff, and join ACNH events. Moreover, this server also holds giveaway events and allows you to win exciting prizes. It has 507,000 members and about 72,000 members are online whenever you join this discord.

12. Call of Duty: Mobile Discord Server

Call of Duty Mobile Discord server is another official developer-based CODM discord server with over 400,000 users.

This Call of Duty discord server is one of the top discord communities to join because it hosts monthly giveaways, responds to community feedback, and is supported by the PlayCOD official community that provides the latest game updates and news.

The Call of Duty Discord server also have Call of Duty mobile LFG groups like Warzone, Ninja Village, and other. These LFGs enable passionate players to talk about the game, discover interesting things, and form bonds.

13. Anime Soul Discord Server

Anime Soul Discord is an anime game-based discord that includes anime, manga, gaming, art, entertainment, and more. It is a busy discord server with over 100,000 users online at a time, with a total members of over 692,000. Anime Soul Discord Server was created about 7 years ago and has been helping people make new friends and connect to like-minded individuals ever since. Additionally, the regular monthly events and giveaways are something to look forward to in Anime Soul Discord Server.

14. Overwatch 2 Discord Server

The Overwatch 2 Discord server is one of the oldest servers in this list as it was developed about 8 years ago. It has channels for chatting, overwatch 2 LFG, gaming Console, and Esports. Overwatch 2 discord has 450,000+ members with 80,000+ of them online on average. You can view the latest updates, get free coaching, discuss your gameplay skills, and learn from other players on this server.

15. Counter-Strike CSGO Discord Server

The Counter-Strike Discord server is the perfect CSGO LFG discord to join for Counter-Strike players. This CSGO server has channels related to memes, games, chats, events, esports, CSGO LFG, and more.

Created about 4 years ago, Counter-Strike Discord has come a long way with 160,000+ members, a supportive community, and regular tournaments.

Additionally, CSGO Discord’s moderators respond to queries, accept feedback, and help you improve your skills.


How to use Discord?

You can use Discord on mobile as well as a computer. To use Discord on the computer, open your web browser, search for “Discord”, open the first link, and then either select “download for desktop” or continue in the browser. Similarly, download the Discord app for iOS or Android on your mobile phone.

After that, sign up or log into your Discord account. Then you can create a server of your own and join an existing one. Additionally, you can invite your friends to your server and customize the settings as well.

How to change your nickname on Discord?

To change your nickname on Discord, click on the icon/your nickname visible on the right side of the server. Go to the edit server profile option, change your nickname as you like, and save the changes. To change the discord nickname on mobile gaming discord servers, click on the two human icons you see on the top right of the mobile screen. It is the server members list. On this list, click your name and edit the profile.

How to make a Discord Server?

Making your own Discord server is easy and you can do it as well by following the steps given below,

  1. Log into your Discord account on the browser or Discord mobile app
  2. Look for a + sign present on the left top of the screen. It shows “add a server”
  3. Then a window will open up showing “create my own”
  4. Choose if you want to make this server for your contacts or public
  5. Another window will open up to help you edit your server
  6. Create your name, add a profile, and you are done making a Discord server

How do you find people to play with on Discord?

There are multiple easy ways of finding people to play on Discord as given below:

  • Simply search their complete name and number combo in the “add a friend” search bar and send them a request.
  • A nearby scan button can help you find players in close approximation with you as long as they have their nearby scan option turned on.
  • Sync Discord to your mobile contacts and look for your friends in the contact list.
  • Find them through communities, LFG discord servers, or public groups and communities.

What are LFG players?

LFG players play multi-player games and are on the lookout for people to make a group. It is an online term that signifies the need to play games with other players.

What does LFG mean in fighting games?

The abbreviation of LFG is “Looking For Group”. Just as it implies, LFG is the call for more members to join an online multiplayer game. Players form a group here and play together to attack, or raid the other groups. You can send this to your friends or other Discord members to form a group and play together.

Does Discord have LFG?

Yes, Discord has LFG gaming communities. However, not all the games on Discord can be joined through LFG. It is rather specific for some games like PUBG mobile LFG, Rocket League LFG, Apex Legends LFG, Genshin Impact LFG, CODM LFG, and more.

15 days ago
Early versions of Splore - thoughts?

Here's a sneak peak into an early version of Splore. 🚀🚀🚀

Are you a gaming content creator/community owner ? We'd like to hear from you!

Share your thoughts and stand a chance to win prizes such as Steam vouchers and more…

Join our Discord today:

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Clearer version?

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New halo chart.

a month ago
How to promote your Discord server

Creating and growing a thriving gaming community is no easy feat. It requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication. However, with the right strategies and promotional techniques, you can attract and engage a loyal audience. In this article, well explore how you can effectively promote your gaming Discord community or Discord server.

Understanding the Basics of Gaming Community Promotion

What is a Gaming Community?

A gaming community is a group of individuals who share a common interest in video games. Gamers come together to connect, share experiences, and engage in various gaming-related activities to form communities. It can be an online community, such as a forum or a social media group or a physical one that gathers for events and tournaments.

Within a gaming community, members often form bonds and friendships based on their shared passion for gaming. These communities provide a space for gamers to interact, exchange tips and strategies. Depending on the type of community, they may also discuss the latest trends and developments in the gaming world.

Online gaming communities offer convenience and accessibility, allowing members to connect with fellow gamers from around the world without leaving the comfort of their homes. These communities often provide platforms for multiplayer gaming, where players can team up or compete against each other.

Why is Promotion Important for Your Gaming Community?

Promotion is crucial for the growth and sustainability of your gaming community. It helps you reach a wider audience, attract new members, and increase engagement. By effectively promoting your community, you can establish a strong presence and grow your reputation as a gaming community owner.

When promoting your gaming community, it's important to highlight the unique aspects that set you apart from other communities. This could be your focus on a specific genre of games or function within a game (i.e. trade, LFG etc.), your inclusive and welcoming environment, or the opportunities for members to connect with one another.

Promotion helps you attract new members and fosters a sense of belonging and engagement among your existing community. By showcasing the achievements and contributions of your members, you can create a supportive and motivating environment. This in turn helps encourage active participation and collaboration.

In conclusion, promotion plays a vital role in the success of a gaming community. It allows you to expand your reach, attract new members, and establish your community as a prominent player in the gaming industry.

By implementing effective promotion strategies, you can create a thriving and vibrant gaming community that brings gamers together and provides a platform for shared experiences and growth.

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Gaming Community

When it comes to building a gaming community, there are several key steps that can help you establish a strong foundation. Let's dive deeper into these important factors:

Creating a Unique Identity for Your Community

One of the first steps in promoting your gaming community is creating a unique identity that sets it apart from others. While the gaming world is vast and diverse, having a distinct identity can help your community stand out from the crowd.

You can:

  • come up with a catchy name that reflects the spirit of your community
  • design an eye-catching logo or emblem that represents its values
  • create a memorable tagline that captures the essence of what your community is all about

Investing time and effort into crafting a well-defined identity makes it easier for people to recognize and remember your community. It also creates a sense of belonging among your members.

A strong identity fosters a sense of pride and unity. As a result, your community becomes more appealing to potential members who would resonate with your vision and values.

Establishing Community Guidelines and Standards

Every successful gaming community needs a set of guidelines and standards to ensure a positive and inclusive environment for its members. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for behavior, outlining what is acceptable and what is not within the community. By clearly defining your community rules, moderation policies, you create a safe and enjoyable space that attracts like-minded gamers. They help resolve conflicts and addressing issues that may arise within the community.

Clear guidelines provide a framework for moderation. They ensure that all members are held accountable for their actions. This promotes a sense of fairness and transparency. Doing this also attracts like-minded individuals and fosters a sense of belonging among your members.

Effective Strategies for Promoting Your Discord server

You can promote your server by using strategic planning and effective marketing techniques.

Some ideas of what you can do to promote your gaming community include:

  • engaging on social media platforms
  • collaborating with influencers and streamers
  • hosting tournaments and events
  • listing your server on directory sites

Engaging on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to showcase and promote your gaming community. In addition to creating accounts on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, consider exploring other platforms that cater specifically to gamers, such as Twitch and Discord.

When using social media, it's crucial to regularly post engaging content that resonates with your target audience. This can include game highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with community members, and sneak peeks of upcoming events or releases. By consistently sharing captivating content, you can keep your followers interested and eager to participate in your community.

Interacting with your followers is equally important. Respond to comments, messages, and mentions promptly, showing genuine interest and appreciation for their support. Engaging with your audience helps foster a sense of community and encourages them to become more involved and invested in your community.

To reach a wider audience, leverage hashtags related to your gaming community and the games you focus on. By using relevant hashtags, you can increase your visibility and attract individuals who are interested in similar gaming experiences.

Collaborating with other gaming influencers and communities is another effective way to promote your gaming community. Seek out partnerships with like-minded individuals or organizations that share similar goals and values. By cross-promoting each other's content and events, you can tap into each other's audiences and expand your reach.

Collaborating with Influencers and Streamers

Influencers and streamers have a significant impact on the gaming community. Their dedicated fan base and expertise can help you attract new members and increase the visibility of your gaming community.

When reaching out to influencers and streamers, personalize your approach and demonstrate your knowledge and appreciation for their work. Propose collaborations that align with their interests and provide mutual benefits. This can include guest appearances on their live streams, hosting joint events, or creating content together.

Collaborating with influencers exposes your community to their dedicated fan base. It also helps you to establish credibility and authority in the gaming community. When influencers endorse and support your community, it can lead to increased trust and interest from potential members.

Hosting Tournaments and Events

Hosting tournaments and events is an excellent way to engage your existing members and attract new ones. These events create a sense of excitement, competition, and camaraderie within your gaming community.

When organizing gaming competitions, consider offering appealing prizes that align with your community's interests. These prizes can include gaming accessories, exclusive in-game items, or even opportunities to meet and interact with influential figures in the gaming industry. Promote these events through your community channels, including your website, social media platforms, and gaming forums. Creating anticipation and buzz around your tournaments and events can encourage participation and attract attention from gamers who may not be part of your community yet.

During these events, ensure that you provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants. This includes clear communication about the rules, fair and unbiased judging, and opportunities for participants to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. Remember, the success of your gaming community relies on consistently providing valuable and engaging experiences for your members.

Listing your server on directory listing sites

There are plenty of directory listing sites such as Disboard,,, where you can list your server for free to make it more discoverable.

While these sites are great for listing, bear in mind that only the top directory sites will be able to bring traffic to your server.

Engaging Your Gaming Community

Lastly, engaging your gaming community is as important as growing it.

Encouraging User-Generated Content

Empower your community members by encouraging and highlighting their creativity. Encourage them to share their own gameplay videos, fan art, and written content. Engage with their contributions by commenting, sharing, and featuring them on your community platforms. This not only gives your members a sense of belonging but also generates user-generated content that can attract new members.

Implementing a Reward System

Rewarding your community members for their engagement and participation is an effective way to keep them active and motivated. Offer incentives such as exclusive in-game items, badges, or access to special events. Recognize and highlight the achievements and contributions of your most dedicated members. This creates a positive and supportive environment that encourages continued engagement.

Monitoring and Evaluating Your Promotion Strategies

Using Analytics to Track Progress

Data is crucial in understanding the effectiveness of your promotion strategies. Utilize analytics tools to monitor the growth of your community, track engagement metrics, and identify areas for improvement. Analyze the demographic data, such as age groups and geographical locations, to tailor your promotional efforts accordingly.

Adapting and Improving Your Strategies Based on Feedback

Feedback from your community members is invaluable. Create channels for them to share their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. Actively listen and make necessary adjustments to improve your community's experience. By continuously adapting and improving your promotional strategies, you can ensure the long-term success and growth of your gaming community.

Building and promoting a successful gaming community takes time and commitment. By following these strategies and consistently engaging with your members, you can create a thriving community. This not only attracts new members but also encourages them to stay and actively participate.

Remember, promoting your gaming community is an ongoing process, so be patient, flexible, and open to new ideas.

a month ago
How to find Discord servers to join

The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Servers on Discord to join

Looking for a place to discuss your favorite TV series or to talk about your favourite games?

Check out Discord. As a popular platform for gaming and community engagement, Discord is usually the platform many go to to talk about their interests and engage with others in the community. Discord servers are vibrant and interesting, with communities that range from anime, to art, music, and of course, gaming.

However, there is a difference on Discord between public and private Discord servers.

What is a Discord server?

A Discord server is simply a room where you and your community members can chat and hang out. Discord has many functionalities such as voice chat as well as video calling that allow you to have fun conversations with your friends.

What is a public Discord server?

A public Discord server is one that is accessible by members of the public. You can usually join the server through a public facing invite link. This invite link can be distributed by anyone as long as the link is still valid.

However, even if you have a public Discord server, it doesn't mean that anyone can find it easily. You'll need to promote your server through various methods in order for people to learn about it and join. Read more about how to do so here:

What is a private Discord server?

Some Discord servers are private, which means that not everyone can access that server. People usually gain access to that server by getting invite links from members who are already inside that server. These servers are also not discoverable on Discord's server discovery feature.

The invite link is usually formatted as followed by random characters or a specific text string). You may also get the invite link if you’re part of the server already by right-clicking a server icon/channel and selecting ‘Invite People’. These invites can only be created by someone who has the necessary server permissions.

These servers are typically much smaller than public ones, due to their invite-only nature. That can mean they're less active, but they are usually more close-knit.

What is Discord's 'Server Discovery Feature'?

Discord's built-in Server Discovery feature is a valuable tool for finding servers. Accessible via the sidebar or the "Add Server" button, Server Discovery presents an array of recommended servers. Popular servers are usually recommended here. Servers must have over 1,000 members and fulfil certain requirements such as ‘Talk rate’ in order to be featured here. Explore various categories such as gaming, hobbies, technology, or art to discover vibrant communities.

Step-by-step Guide to Finding Servers on Discord:

There are 2 ways to find servers in Discord.

  1. Click on server discovery at the bottom left of the Discord app or Discord web browser.

Searching For Discord Communities

If you know exactly what kind of communities you’re looking for, you can directly type into the Discovery Search bar.

The 'server discovery' page will show up and you can directly type in keywords into the Discovery Search bar to search for Discord servers.

Once you’ve input your keyword, press the “Enter” key to see if there’s a community that shares your interest.

The Server Discovery tab will then show you a list of all servers that match your search term, and you’ll be able to begin exploring servers from there!

  1. Search on

Go to and search for the keyword of the game or server you are interested in for example, ‘Valorant’.

A list of Discord communities will show up below the search bar.

Click on ‘View Community’. You can even browse the content of the server before you join.

How to learn more about a server without joining

  1. With Splore, you can see some of the Discord server’s content before joining the server. This enables you to get a sense of what the community is about before joining.

In the future, we’ll also be adding adding more features and functionality for server owners. Sounds interesting? We think so too :).

  1. With Discord’s Lurker Mode, you can learn more about the community before deciding whether you’d like to join! You can check out the different public channels to visitors that the server has to offer without being a server member. In this mode, when you click on a server in the Server Discovery tab, you won’t fully join the server. You’ll only see the server temporarily show up in your Server List.

Once you press the “Back” button, you’ll return to the Server Discovery tab. The server you visited will be removed from your Server List too.

Once you feel ready to join the server, just press the Join button at the top of your screen.

Did you know that there are other ways to discover communities on Discord apart from the ones we’ve highlighted above?

Other ways to find more Discord servers

Explore External Resources: Other external resources exist to help you find Discord servers catering to specific interests. Websites like, DiscordMe, and provide comprehensive server listings, allowing you to search by keywords, categories, or tags. These platforms often include detailed descriptions, member counts, and user reviews to aid in your decision-making process.

Engage in Social Media: Social media platforms, especially Twitter and Reddit, can be excellent sources for discovering Discord servers. Many communities actively promote their servers on these platforms, making it easier to find communities aligned with your interests. Follow hashtags related to your desired topics or participate in relevant discussions to stumble upon promising server recommendations.

Seek Recommendations from Communities: If you are already part of a community on another platform, such as a subreddit or a gaming forum, reach out to fellow members to ask for server recommendations. Often, community members can point you towards Discord servers they find engaging or that align with your interests. Official game or content creator communities like those of Twitch streamers may also have their own Discord servers. If you join these communities, you can interact with creators directly.

Participate in Events and Tournaments: Discord servers often organize events, tournaments, or collaborative projects. Engaging in such activities can not only enhance your gaming experience but also introduce you to new communities. Keep an eye on Discord servers associated with your favorite games, content creators, or esports organizations. They may frequently host events that provide opportunities for networking and server discovery.

Network with Existing Members: Once you join a Discord server, take advantage of the existing community to expand your network further. Engage in conversations, ask questions, and participate actively. Inquire about other servers that align with your interests, as members may recommend additional communities that you could explore.

Conclusion: Finding Discord servers tailored to your interests requires some exploration and experimentation, but the effort is well worth it. You can discover engaging and welcoming communities that enrich your gaming, hobby, or social experiences through Discord's server discovery functionality. You can also explore the different communities on Splore. Embrace the diverse and vibrant Discord ecosystem, and let your journey to find the perfect servers begin!

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Posting Discord content into your community on Splore is easy! Follow the 4 steps below:

  1. Select message from your server to feature on Splore.
  2. Click the three dots on the top right hand corner.
  3. Click ‘Copy Message Link’.
  4. Paste the link into the URL field on your community page and press ‘Post’.
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My name is Brandon but y’all call me by my favorite dragonball character or actually my favorite anime character in general
VEGETA-SAN I’ve always loved how cocky vegeta was kinda reminds me of my self like when I play vs someone I get cocky then choke lol happens all the time to me but trying to build a cod community that will play old and other games too but the community is called TASK FORCE 141

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Best Agents for Ascent: Agent Selection Tips

One of the many maps in VALORANT is called Ascent; it is one of the few maps located in Europe and has a Mediterranean community with lovely towers, a bustling marketplace, and much more. The bomb locations A and B on the map present challenges and opportunities for the offensive and defensive teams.

Ascent has a reputation for being a challenging map, but with the appropriate team compositions, a few clever tactics, and our list of the top agents to use, it should be easier to get through. The top agents to use on Ascent, as well as some good general tips for selecting agents, are covered in this article.

1. Jett

Jett has remarkable skills on almost every map, and Ascent is no different. She should be your first choice if you like to play as a Duelist. You can leverage her Dash to make aggressive plays that should help in your escape. For instance, you could sneak a glance at mid, make your shot, and quickly dash away.

In addition to the Dash, the agent's smokes will give you momentary cover, and you can use her updraft to place yourself at unique angles like those Boxes on A. And to crown it all, she has a fantastic ultimate that you can use in eco rounds if your team is short on buys.

2. Sova

With tools that enable him to learn about the positions and actions of the enemy, Sova (Initiator) is an invaluable asset to teams that want to win on Ascent. Additionally, because Ascent has extensive sight lines, Sova is even more effective in his assigned duty. The strength of Sova rests in his recon dart, which exposes enemies. When combined with KAY/O's flashes, Jett's dash and smokes, it will be simpler for the squad to determine where to shoot and clear space from the enemies. He often uses his ultimate in post-plants to guarantee that the attacking team wins the battle.

3. Omen

Omen (Controller), a specialist in obstructing enemy sight lines, is an ideal choice for Ascent. His skills enable him to set up smokescreens to block off opportune angles and obstruct opponents' vision. His smokes persist for quite a while, and you can use shotguns to surprise your opponents. In addition, you could use Shrouded Steps in several positions; they're excellent for sneaking into spots like Tree or Mid.

When paired with Sova, KAY/O and Jett, he becomes the ideal fourth agent in the Ascent layout, smoke-screening off large parts of a site and allowing teammates to visit places peacefully. His ultimate, which teleports to any location on the map, is also excellent for spreading confusion and chaos.

4. KAY/O

With two initiators being the meta on this map, KAY/O is among the best initiators to use on Ascent. His ZERO/POINT can expose and suppress the number of enemies in a specified area. His FLASH/DRIVE can also blind enemies and position teammates for an effortless kill.

Additionally, you can push enemies camped in places like Pizza, Under Heaven, etc., by using his FRAG/MENT properly. The agent's NULL/CMD will be useful during rounds, and since the opposition can not use their abilities, this may be excellent when your team strives to take over a site.

5. Killjoy

Killjoy is used at all levels owing to her well-rounded utilities, and many people believe she is the most effective initiator in Valorant. Her Alarmbot can take on the first encounter and find pushing opponents, making it ideal for watching backstab during an attack.

The agent's turret can inflict damage, and you can set it up properly on locations such as Generator or Defender Spawn Boxes on B. Her Nanoswarms will be perfect for after-the-plant conditions. Additionally, the Lockdown ultimate will benefit both offense and defense.

Top Agent Selection Tips

In Ascent, solitary site holding agents are excellent. In particular, Cypher and Sage excel at both holding B and attacking. Reyna and other powerful Agents can control mid with their powers and take over games on their own. Omen is a dark horse in Ascent because he can teleport to several locations that are a respectable height, his size being a great advantage.

Following are a few tips for choosing agents for Ascent:

  • Proper Composition: Ensure your squad comprises agents who can fill critical positions like Initiators, Duelists, Sentinels, and Controllers. Success on a team depends on a balanced team makeup.

  • Duelists: Duelists like Jett or Reyna are helpful for entry fighting and applying pressure to the other side because of Ascent's open sections and mid-range engagements.

  • Map Controllers: Map controllers are agents that can control the map by obstructing sightlines and regulating choke areas with their smokes. This can be helpful in Ascent because there are several choke places and little passageways.

  • Initiator Agents: Initiators with the skills to scout out opponent positions or overthrow opponent defences, like Sova, can give your squad essential details.

  • Defence with Sentinels: Sentinels like Sage or Killjoy can aid in fortifying defensive positions and halting enemy assaults. Sage's wall is particularly effective at protecting essential areas.

  • Think about agent synergies: Some agents collaborate remarkably well. Sage, for instance, can block off a space, which can then be confused by smoke from an Omen or Brimstone. A Jett can run in for a surprise strike while a Sova provides recon.

  • Consider Your Team: Be adaptable and sensitive to the demands of your team. Consider using a Controller to balance the team if a powerful Duelist is already on the lineup.

  • Map Information: Recognize the layout of the map and the most effective ways to use each agent's skills on Ascent. Jett or Raze, agents with vertical movement, can benefit from it.


That's all there is to it. With this squad composition and knowledge of the agents above, Ascent should be easier to play and win.

Remember that choosing an agent is only one piece of the puzzle. Your performance in Valorant is greatly influenced by your skill and your team's cooperation. For an upper hand on Ascent, you must tailor your agent choice to your team's advantages and the specifics of the map.