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How do you search on Discord? - Guide to Discord Information Discovery

How do you search on Discord Guide to Discord Information Discovery
Search in Discord 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Imagine a vibrant online community where you can strategize with your gaming squad, discuss the latest twists in your favorite book series, or simply hang out with friends, all in real-time.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, this dream has a name: Discord.

Discord isn't your average chat platform. It's a powerful fusion of chat rooms, forums, and social media groups designed to keep the conversation flowing. But with so many activities, how do you find that specific needle in the messages?

Here's where mastering search in Discord comes in. It's about to become your secret weapon for navigating this fantastic platform.

Currently, there are two options for you to search in Discord:

1. Search Within Discord: Locate the search bar at the top right corner of the app and type your query there.

2. Search with a Bot: If the server uses the Splore bot, you can search within a channel or DM by typing "/Splore," "/S," or "@Splore," followed by your search term.

Read the blog to get more practical insights on how to search on Discord. 

What are the Benefits of Discord?

Imagine a virtual world with channels dedicated to everything you like, from rocket science discussions to groups. Here's why finding your community on Discord is a game-changer:

1. Become an Expert

Surround yourself with others who share your passion. Learn from their experiences, insights, and discoveries, accelerating your knowledge and growth within your area of interest.

2. Endless Inspiration

Spark your creativity and fuel your passions. Discord communities often share projects, collaborative efforts, and friendly competition, keeping you motivated and inspired.

3. Find Your Tribe

Search in Discord goes beyond geographical limitations. Connect with people from all corners of the world who share your interests, fostering a unique sense of global community.

How to search in Discord?

Search option

Discord offers a built-in search bar conveniently located at the top right corner of the app. Simply click on the bar and type in your search query. You can even refine your search using filters.

Here are three options for searching on Discord:

1. Filter by Date

Discord's search bar functionality isn't limited to keywords. You can also search for messages within a specific timeframe. Use the "Before" and "After" filters in the search bar to pinpoint messages sent during a particular event or discussion.

2. Search for Content Type

Looking for that epic gameplay clip a friend shared or that critical bug report someone mentioned? Discord's "Has" filter lets you search for messages containing specific content types like images, videos, or links.

3. Advanced Server Search

For a more comprehensive search on a desktop, explore Discord's server discovery feature. This tool, accessed by the server list, allows you to search for servers by name or topic. It even provides a handy preview of the server before you join.

What is Discord Server Discovery?

Find your community on discord

Server Discovery refers to the process or mechanism by which network devices, applications, or users locate and identify available servers within a network. Servers often provide specific services, such as gaming sessions, web hosting, or file storage, and discovery enables clients to connect seamlessly to these resources.

Imagine a dedicated search engine for Discord servers. That's essentially Server Discovery! Here's how to access it and set it on your community:

1. Locate the Compass

The Discord logo at the top left corner

Look for the compass icon nestled at the bottom of your server list on the left sidebar. This is your gateway to Server Discovery.

2. Explore by Category or Search

Screenshot of Discord interface


Once you click the compass, you'll be greeted by a search bar and a categorized interface. Browse the categories to discover servers based on shared interests, such as gaming, art, or academic pursuits.

By enhancing server discovery, you can transform your discord search bar experience from aimless exploration to focused exploration. So, set up your server and discover the vibrant communities waiting to welcome you on Discord!

What is the meaning of Level Verification?

As you explore potential servers, you might encounter a badge next to their names. This indicates the server's verification level, a security measure implemented by Discord. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Unverified: The most basic level, with fewer restrictions.
  • Low: A verified email address is required to join.
  • Medium: Requires a phone number verification to join.
  • High (Requires Mod Approval): joiners require approval from server moderators.

How Important is the Channel Name in Discord?

Discord grows in communities, but with so many conversations happening simultaneously, finding specific information can feel like searching for a miracle. Here's where strategic in-server search techniques come into play, specifically focusing on searching by channel and using the "@username" function.

The Power of the "@" Symbol

Sometimes, your search isn't for a general term but for a specific user contribution. This is where the "@username" function becomes your secret weapon. Typing "@" followed by a username within the search bar acts like a personal spotlight, illuminating all messages sent by that user within the chosen channel.

Here's how the "@username" function empowers your search:

  • Tracking Down Experts: Locate valuable insights or advice shared by a specific user you admire within the server.
  • Revisiting Helpful Tips: Did someone share a solution to a technical problem you faced? Use "@username" to find their message for easy reference.
  • Staying on Top of Discussions: Are you engaging in ongoing debates with specific members? "@username" helps you track their latest contributions to the conversation, ensuring you stay in the loop.

Advanced Search Operators

Discord thrives on vibrant communities, but with countless messages flying past in real-time, finding the information you need can feel like navigating a digital network. Discord's search functionality offers secret advanced operators ready to transform you from a casual searcher into a laser-focused information hunter.

Let us discuss the tool of advanced operators to elevate your search game to a whole new level:

  • Exclusion Magic: Sometimes, a single term can drown out relevant information in your search results. The "-" operator acts as your exclusion filter. For instance, searching for "gameplay bugs" will showcase messages about gameplay but exclude those mentioning bugs.
  • Filtering by Message Type: Discord isn't just about text. Images, videos, and links often play a crucial role in server communication. The filter empowers you to search for messages containing specific content types.

Introduce Splore: Leverage Discord with Splore

Discord's search functionality is undoubtedly powerful, but for some users, finding specific information might require an extra edge. That's where Splore, a resourceful bot, steps onto the scene.

While not a built-in feature, Splore offers a unique set of capabilities that can significantly enhance your Discord search experience.

Here's how Splore empowers your search game:

  • Wider and advanced range of filters
  • Natural language processing
  • Combine multiple searches

How to search using Splore Bot?

How to search using Splore Bot


There are three ways to get Splore to answer your question.

1. Simple Search Bar

Feeling curious? Just type "/splore" followed by your question directly into any text channel or even a private message with Splore. It's like having a personal search assistant right at your fingertips.

2. Mention Splore by Name

Need some quick info? Simply mention "@Splore" in your message along with your question, whether it's in a text channel or a direct message. Splore is always ready to help!

3. Automated Forum Assistant (Forum Channels Only)

Sitting on a mountain of forum discussions? Splore can be your secret weapon! In forum channels, whenever a new thread is started with a question, Splore automatically analyses it and provides an answer, saving you time and effort.

Enter your query following the command in the text box. Splore will provide relevant results based on its extensive search capabilities in a matter of seconds using either AI search or keyword search functionality (the difference between AI and keyword search will be explained in our next article).

What are some key features of the Splore bot?

Splore bot stands out with several key features designed to streamline information discovery. It also strongly emphasizes security, ensuring that sensitive business data is protected, thus building trust among its users. Let us discuss some of the features of the Splore bot.

What are some key features of thw Splore bot

1. Search Anywhere, Inside and Outside Discord

Splore goes beyond Discord's limitations by allowing you to search across forums, threads, and different servers that you’re in. Still, you can access information from the public web without leaving the comfort of your Discord interface.

2. Customizable Search

You can tailor the results to your specific needs. Focus your searches on specific channels to narrow down the results and find relevant information faster. You can search within the channel or via DM.

3. AI Question & Answer Style

Splore utilizes advanced AI technology to provide accurate and efficient question-and-answer-style responses. You can rely on the bot to understand your queries and deliver comprehensive answers.

4. Search Operators and Autocorrection

Splore supports search operators like "+," "-," and " for more precise and refined searches. Autocorrection helps you find accurate results, even with minor spelling errors.

5. Emoticon-Based Search

By mentioning the Splore bot and using the emoticon you're searching for, you can search for results associated with specific emotions. This feature adds a fun and intuitive way to find relevant content.

Splore, a powerful AI-powered bot at your side, gets ready to embark on a journey of discovery within the dynamic world of Discord.

How to Install the Splore Bot?

If you are a server owner or an administrator within the server that has ‘manage server’ permissions, you can download the Splore bot by following the steps:

#Step 1: Invite the Splore bot.

#Step 2: Upon authorization, you will be redirected to to set up your base. The base is where you customize your search experience, which will then be activated in your Discord server.

#Step 3: It is simple to add Splore Bot to your Discord server.


From utilizing the built-in search bar and its advanced filters to strategically searching within specific channels and leveraging "@username" mentions, you've unlocked the power to pinpoint the exact information you seek.

Consider exploring Splore, a resourceful bot that offers advanced filtering, natural language processing, and even automated forum assistance (on servers where it's implemented).

Splore can transform your search experience into a breeze, helping you find hidden gems and become a true Discord master.


1. How do I search for messages on Discord?

Simply type your search query there and hit enter. You can further refine your search using filters like "From" (to specify a user), "Has" (to search for messages containing images, videos, or links), "Before," and "After" (to search within a specific timeframe), and more.

2. How do I find messages from a specific user?

Utilize the "@username" function! In the search bar, type "@" followed by the username (e.g., "@Gemini"). This will display all messages sent by that user within the chosen channel.

3. Can I search within specific channels?

Absolutely! Discord allows you to focus your search on a particular channel. Click the dropdown menu next to the search bar and select the channel you want to explore. This ensures your results are relevant to the specific topic discussed in that channel.

4. Are there any advanced search options?

Yes! Discord offers advanced search operators to refine your search further. Here are a few examples:

  • "@" symbol: You can find all your mentions within a channel by typing "@" without a username.
  • "-" symbol: Exclude terms from your search. For instance, "gameplay -bugs" will show messages about gameplay but exclude those mentioning bugs.
  • "Before" and "After" filters: Search for messages sent within a specific date range.

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