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Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Discord Updates For 2024!

Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Discord Updates For 2024
A Guide : Know About The Latest Discord Updates in 2024

It's been more than nine years since Discord was introduced, and it has grown tremendously in terms of users and technology as well. 

Discord has always been a unique platform where friends and like-minded strangers can connect, chat, post, talk, play games, etc. To sum up, Discord alone has all the features you get on platforms like Zoom, Facebook, and Slack. 

While Discord is the perfect platform for gaming, chilling with friends, or even developing a global community, that does not mean users cannot get an upgrade, right? Discord values its users and thrives on making them happy. Hence, it is constantly evolving and adding value to it. 

Let's look at some of the latest Discord updates and their progress in 2024. Is there a new Discord feature that interests you? Come find out!

What Are The New Discord Updates? 

The latest updates in the Discord software ensure that every user has a good time using their platform. While Discord’s primary goal is to please its existing fans, it is also looking to reach a wider audience and ensure that its platform is inclusive of all types of users. 

Many interface-related updates, such as profile effects, are a major attraction among Discord users. However, the new profile effect only lasts for a limited time, so grab them while you can. 

Most people are aware of and like Discord's watch together feature. The Discord update also includes quality fixes and convenient access to the function. Additionally, interesting mobile app updates are on the way for iOS users, enabling them to use the app smoothly. 

If you are a Discord Nitro user, you can expect some exciting reward bundles in your gift inventory. Now that you have a brief overview of the Discord updates let’s learn more about them. 

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Discord Updates: Latest Features

discord updates latest features

Here is a list of the latest features that have been an addition to Discord in the newest upgrade. 

Redesigned Mobile App Interface 

The mobile application of Discord has a redesigned interface, making navigation easier and insightful. This update is also beneficial for new users as they can continuously operate through the platform. 

The app has separated the servers and DMs into separate tabs. Additionally, the bottom bar enables users to quickly toggle between notifications, servers, messages, and your section.

Improved Texting 

The latest messaging updates combine all the chats in the messages section. This enables users to categorize their conversations and even mark them as favorites so they appear on top. 

Reconstructed Notifications Tab And You Section 

Every notification you get now is clickable, so clicking on a new notification will redirect you to the chat or session on Discord. Additionally, the notification will automatically be marked as read once you click on it. 

The You section is now optimized so you can view your bio or change your profile picture. You can also easily browse your friends' lists and more with just a few clicks. 

Discord Updates 2024: What’s New Since April 3? 

Discord Updates 2024

The latest April 3 Discord updates have a breakthrough. Here are some major changes that you will notice on Discord the next time you are exploring. 

Watch Together is Better Than Before 

  • Quality of life fixes
  • Save all your recent search history for quick recoup
  • Complete privacy on search history

Reward Bundles For Nitro Members 

  • A bonus reward bundle for all Nitro members on April 18th
  • Reward bundles can be used during Monster Hunter to hunt Rathalos

Bug Fixes Related to GIFs 

  • Favorite as many GIFs as you want
  • No restrictions to accessing saved GIFs
  • Remove or add GIFs as per your likes

Discord Updates You Can Expect in The Future

Discord is focusing on bringing a new mobile app that fixes in the near future. This can be good news for iOS users; let’s see why. 

On-the-go Muting Using Airpods 

Apple users can now mute their Discord calls through their earpods. This enables users to not constantly carry their iPad or iPhone in their hand while on an ongoing call. 

Small Fixes That Can Make a Big Impact 

If you are a keen observer, you will notice these considerable fixes in the Discord mobile app, such as the change in the appearance of the search bar, filters, and visible attachments in your search results. Additionally, when you video call someone, the call will go full screen automatically, as it will be a default feature.  

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Now that you know all about the latest Discord updates for 2024, you must be excited to explore the marketplace.

Nevertheless, this is just the second quarter of 2024, and as we know, Discord will surely have some excellent updates in the near future. The best way to ensure that you do not miss any new Discord developments in the future is by installing Splore’s smart AI bot on your end. 

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