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Discord Server History - How to View and Retrieve Information

Discord Server History - How to View and Retrieve Information
How to view Discord Server History?

Discord is a communication platform that has become popular in recent years. Initially embraced by English-speaking audiences, it's become a go-to for many online influencers who are building communities around their content through Discord servers. But what exactly is Discord, and why is it suddenly everywhere?

Discord, one of the world’s best communication platforms, allows us to join several servers and communities to discuss, share, and explore the fields of interest that we depend on. Discord is a mixture of chatrooms and forums, allowing users to connect via voice, video, and text chat.

How to View Discord Server History?

How to view discord server history Step 1

By default, the list of servers you’re joining is displayed on the left side of your screen. If you decide to leave any of them, a pop-up will appear to confirm your decision. Once you leave, there’s no way to re-join unless you find an invited link or are invited by a member.

Additionally, you might receive a bot message upon joining the server. You can revisit your DMs to find the invitation link in the conversation with the bot. However, please note that while the message remains, the invitation is no longer valid. The only way to view your Discord server history is to request a personal Discord data package from the Discord support team.

According to the official Discord policy, your Discord data package includes your account information, messages, programs, activities, and all servers you’ve joined.

How Do You Request a Personal Discord Data Package?

Here’s how to request a personal Discord data package:

Step 1: Open Discord on your web browser or application, then select ‘User Settings’ at the bottom left of the screen, near your Discord name.

How to Request a Personal Discord Data Package Step 1

Step 2: On the User Settings page, select ‘Privacy & Safety’ and scroll down until you see the ‘Request Data’ button.

How to Request a Personal Discord Data Package Step 2

Step 3: Click ‘Request My Data’ to confirm.

Typically, it’ll take up to 30 days to collect your data. When the process is complete, Discord will notify you via email, along with a link to download your package.

Extract the package, then open the Server folder to view all the servers you’ve joined. All servers you’ve joined are listed in *.JSON files. These files include both the server's name and ID, and you can easily access and view them right in your web browser.

What are the Limitations of Accessing Discord Server History?

What are the Limitations of Accessing Discord Server History

Discord, the spot for gamers, artists, and niche communities, thrives on real-time interaction. But what about venturing into a server’s past, old conversations, and shared content? Let’s explore the limitations of accessing Discord server history.

1. Search functionality limitations:

Although Discord has a search bar feature, there are limitations in terms of server history queries. To begin with, you can only search the servers that you are currently a member of. In addition, the search results will display messages or user names from a certain time.

2. Data overload

Active data servers can generate a large number of messages daily. Scrolling through months or even years of conversations can be overwhelming. Even with the search function, scrolling through countless messages to find one key piece of information can feel like searching for a lost sock in a dryer full of laundry.

3. Permission settings

A server can restrict access to specific channels, meaning past conversations in those areas become off-limits. Imagine joining a server with a dedicated "announcements" channel, only to discover you can't view past announcements because you lack the necessary "Read Archives" permission.

4. Technical issues and bugs

Discord isn't immune to technical glitches. Bugs or server issues can sometimes lead to lost messages or inaccessible channels. This can be particularly disheartening if you are counting on finding important information in a specific channel.

Remember, a little planning and well-placed questions can go a long way in helping the hidden server. Ultimately, clear communication with server admins and a proactive approach to saving important information is key to navigating the world of Discord server history.

How to View The History Of A Specific Server?

Viewing the list of servers you've joined may require patience, but you can instantly access the history of a specific server using various methods. Viewing the history of a specific server allows you to catch up on past conversations, events, or announcements that you have missed.

This can be especially useful if you've been away from the server for a while and want to stay informed about what's been happening or if you need to refer to past discussions for any reason. Additionally, viewing server history can help you gather context and information relevant to the server's topic or activities, making your participation more meaningful and informed.

Discord might not offer a direct ‘Server History’ button, but fear not! We've got the steps to help you access your server history.

Read on to figure it out!

1. Use the Server Command Prompt

A Discord server often has many channels, acting like separate rooms where members can chat and share content based on specific topics or interests. There are tons of messages or images in a channel that you may skip. However, you can visit all of them using a simple command prompt.

First, select the server you’re on, then click on the search button on the top right of your screen and type in: “In:.” For example, In General, this command prompt also shows all the messages in the channel. Moreover, you can click on the ‘New’ or ‘Old’ option, which is placed under the search bar, to navigate the messages in chronological order.

2. Use the Splore Bot

What makes the Splore bot genuinely amazing is its ability to search not only within Discord but also outside of it. Moreover, the Splore bot offers customization options that let you effortlessly search for specific messages from particular users in specific channels.

One other standout feature of the Splore bot is its AI-style responses, which are becoming familiar to users due to the rise of AI technology.

Not to mention that the results provided by the Splore bot are not only precise but also comprehensive, making it a trustworthy choice compared to other search options.

First, check out this post to learn how to install the Splore bot. After inviting the Splore bot to your server, type in either “/Splore,” “/S”, or “/Search” to enable searching by the Splore bot.

Here’s the command to search using the Splore bot: /search query: channel by

For example, /search query: Ocean view channel #general by @Midjourney Bot

It may take a while for the Splore bot to show the results, but it’s worth waiting as the results are shown with exceptional accuracy and depth.

3. View Audit Logs

An audit log in a Discord channel works like a notebook, keeping track of all the important actions and changes, such as who joined or left, who edited messages, and more. The only downside of this option is that it is inaccessible unless you’re the moderator or admin or have permission to view it.

In that case, you need to ask the server’s admin to grant access so that you can keep doing the following steps. Here’s how to view the audit logs of the server:

First, open Discord, then determine which server you want to inspect. Next, right-click on the server you want to check the audit logs, then select “Server Settings” → “Audit Logs”.

The following window displays all the actions and changes since the server was created. When you click on it, a dropdown menu shows each action's details. Finally, you can take advantage of the filter option to view the actions or changes made by a specific member.

4. Use Third-party Application

Discord is not only exceptional in communication but also compatible with many third-party applications or extensions, making it accessible to add more features that are restricted or unavailable in the version. However, be cautious when considering third-party applications or extensions to access message history. These tools often require extensive permissions, increasing the risk to your privacy.

One of the most common applications you can install to view Discord messages is Discord Chat Exporter. This tool converts and exports all direct messages, group messages, and messages from channels to a log file. To use the application, click on this link, then download ‘’. Next, extract the file, click on DiscordChatExporter.exe to open it, and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

5. Use Third-party Extension

Similar to the above option, you can also use the extension developed to access, read, and export your messages. Extensions are easy to install and uninstall. But remember, they only work in your web browser. The third-party extension we want to introduce to manage and view your messages on Discord is Discrub.

First, click on this link to add the Discrub extension to your web browser.

Discrub Chrome Extension-1

Next, access Discord via your web browser and log in to your Discord account. You may notice a new Discrub icon on the top right of your screen. Click on it to open up the Discrub window.

New Discrub Icon on the Top Right of Discord Account

Next, click on ‘Guild’ to drop the list of all available servers, then select the one you’d love to view. Click 'Export Guild,' then pick the channels you'd like to export. The pop-up buttons allow you to decide whether to include images, media, or attached files. Depending on the number of messages on your server, collecting and importing the data may take some time. You can export the file as HTML, which allows you to view it in your web browser.

Splore: An AI-powered Answer Engine

Splore is an AI-powered support assistant that is here to help you conquer the challenges of Discord server history. Splore goes beyond the limitations of Discord’s built-in features. Imagine having a personal research assistant who can help you analyze server data and find the information you want.

Splore is constantly evolving and offering insightful tips to maximize your success in retrieving server content. Splore is helpful in every way it offers insights and solutions as we explore the various methods for accessing and retrieving information.

How Splore Supercharges Your Knowledge Hunt on Discord?

Imagine a world where you scroll down for the information you look for and feel your efforts are worthless. Then don’t worry. The magic of Splore is your AI-powered knowledge on Discord.

Here’s how Splore personalizes your search experience and makes accessing information on Discord:

  • Personalized Search

Splore goes beyond the basic search functionalities offered by Discord. Forget sifting through every channel. Splore learns your interests and preferences within a server. Think of it like having a personal research assistant who remembers what discussions you typically participate in and the topics that matter most to you. Splore tailors its search results to your specific needs, saving you valuable time and frustration.

  • Engaging Interface

Splore isn't just about powerful search algorithms; it's about making knowledge retrieval enjoyable. Forget complex menus or wrestling with technical jargon. Splore boasts a user-friendly interface that makes finding answers a delight. Imagine a visually engaging platform that presents information clearly and concisely.

Splore as your guide, navigating the vast landscape of Discord server history becomes a smooth and efficient experience. So, ditch the information overload and embrace the power of personalized search and a user-friendly interface. Splore is here to make your Discord knowledge journey a success!


As we've explored, participating in a Discord server can be a thrilling adventure, filled with the potential to rediscover forgotten gems or unearth crucial information. However, the limitations of built-in search functions and permission structures can sometimes turn into an adventure.

The journey to unlocking the true potential of your Discord server history doesn't have to be a solo adventure. Splore is here to guide you. While the methods we've explored offer valuable tools, Splore can take your knowledge retrieval to the next level.

Ready to explore Splore? Book a demo now.

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