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10 days ago
Best Agents for Ascent: Agent Selection Tips

One of the many maps in VALORANT is called Ascent; it is one of the few maps located in Europe and has a Mediterranean community with lovely towers, a bustling marketplace, and much more. The bomb locations A and B on the map present challenges and opportunities for the offensive and defensive teams.

Ascent has a reputation for being a challenging map, but with the appropriate team compositions, a few clever tactics, and our list of the top agents to use, it should be easier to get through. The top agents to use on Ascent, as well as some good general tips for selecting agents, are covered in this article.

1. Jett

Jett has remarkable skills on almost every map, and Ascent is no different. She should be your first choice if you like to play as a Duelist. You can leverage her Dash to make aggressive plays that should help in your escape. For instance, you could sneak a glance at mid, make your shot, and quickly dash away.

In addition to the Dash, the agent's smokes will give you momentary cover, and you can use her updraft to place yourself at unique angles like those Boxes on A. And to crown it all, she has a fantastic ultimate that you can use in eco rounds if your team is short on buys.

2. Sova

With tools that enable him to learn about the positions and actions of the enemy, Sova (Initiator) is an invaluable asset to teams that want to win on Ascent. Additionally, because Ascent has extensive sight lines, Sova is even more effective in his assigned duty. The strength of Sova rests in his recon dart, which exposes enemies. When combined with KAY/O's flashes, Jett's dash and smokes, it will be simpler for the squad to determine where to shoot and clear space from the enemies. He often uses his ultimate in post-plants to guarantee that the attacking team wins the battle.

3. Omen

Omen (Controller), a specialist in obstructing enemy sight lines, is an ideal choice for Ascent. His skills enable him to set up smokescreens to block off opportune angles and obstruct opponents' vision. His smokes persist for quite a while, and you can use shotguns to surprise your opponents. In addition, you could use Shrouded Steps in several positions; they're excellent for sneaking into spots like Tree or Mid.

When paired with Sova, KAY/O and Jett, he becomes the ideal fourth agent in the Ascent layout, smoke-screening off large parts of a site and allowing teammates to visit places peacefully. His ultimate, which teleports to any location on the map, is also excellent for spreading confusion and chaos.

4. KAY/O

With two initiators being the meta on this map, KAY/O is among the best initiators to use on Ascent. His ZERO/POINT can expose and suppress the number of enemies in a specified area. His FLASH/DRIVE can also blind enemies and position teammates for an effortless kill.

Additionally, you can push enemies camped in places like Pizza, Under Heaven, etc., by using his FRAG/MENT properly. The agent's NULL/CMD will be useful during rounds, and since the opposition can not use their abilities, this may be excellent when your team strives to take over a site.

5. Killjoy

Killjoy is used at all levels owing to her well-rounded utilities, and many people believe she is the most effective initiator in Valorant. Her Alarmbot can take on the first encounter and find pushing opponents, making it ideal for watching backstab during an attack.

The agent's turret can inflict damage, and you can set it up properly on locations such as Generator or Defender Spawn Boxes on B. Her Nanoswarms will be perfect for after-the-plant conditions. Additionally, the Lockdown ultimate will benefit both offense and defense.

Top Agent Selection Tips

In Ascent, solitary site holding agents are excellent. In particular, Cypher and Sage excel at both holding B and attacking. Reyna and other powerful Agents can control mid with their powers and take over games on their own. Omen is a dark horse in Ascent because he can teleport to several locations that are a respectable height, his size being a great advantage.

Following are a few tips for choosing agents for Ascent:

  • Proper Composition: Ensure your squad comprises agents who can fill critical positions like Initiators, Duelists, Sentinels, and Controllers. Success on a team depends on a balanced team makeup.

  • Duelists: Duelists like Jett or Reyna are helpful for entry fighting and applying pressure to the other side because of Ascent's open sections and mid-range engagements.

  • Map Controllers: Map controllers are agents that can control the map by obstructing sightlines and regulating choke areas with their smokes. This can be helpful in Ascent because there are several choke places and little passageways.

  • Initiator Agents: Initiators with the skills to scout out opponent positions or overthrow opponent defences, like Sova, can give your squad essential details.

  • Defence with Sentinels: Sentinels like Sage or Killjoy can aid in fortifying defensive positions and halting enemy assaults. Sage's wall is particularly effective at protecting essential areas.

  • Think about agent synergies: Some agents collaborate remarkably well. Sage, for instance, can block off a space, which can then be confused by smoke from an Omen or Brimstone. A Jett can run in for a surprise strike while a Sova provides recon.

  • Consider Your Team: Be adaptable and sensitive to the demands of your team. Consider using a Controller to balance the team if a powerful Duelist is already on the lineup.

  • Map Information: Recognize the layout of the map and the most effective ways to use each agent's skills on Ascent. Jett or Raze, agents with vertical movement, can benefit from it.


That's all there is to it. With this squad composition and knowledge of the agents above, Ascent should be easier to play and win.

Remember that choosing an agent is only one piece of the puzzle. Your performance in Valorant is greatly influenced by your skill and your team's cooperation. For an upper hand on Ascent, you must tailor your agent choice to your team's advantages and the specifics of the map.

Natasha Hashim
18 days ago
Valorant Review

Singaporean Valorant Player Chrysania Suspended For MMR Boosting, How Does This Affect The SEA Valorant Scene?


Last week, another suspension was handed out by Riot Games to a Singaporean pro player. Ian “Chrysania” Chin, former player of Singapore based Bleed Esports has been issued a four month suspension for MMR boosting.

The suspension is based on Section 7 of Riot Games' Terms of Service (ToS) and Rule 7.2.9 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy, which prohibits the boosting of Valorant accounts in any manner. Basically, Chrysania was caught boosting accounts of players for a quick buck and on a commercial service too.

The service was advertised on a Singapore-based selling platform and is catered to players in Singapore and parts of East Asia.

So why exactly is account boosting not allowed? To sum it up simply, it isn’t fair. While others had to grind and improve on their own, some people have better skilled players to boost their account rankings.

In addition, it also ruins the enjoyment of others in the game. Imagine playing the game and having someone who comes in and just stomps on lower skilled players in the lobby. Doesn’t sound very fun does it?

Chrysania’s 4 month suspension means that he would not be able to make it to this year’s Valorant Champions Tour 2022 which officially starts in May as his ban begins on January 28, 2022.

Chin’s suspension isn’t the first that’s been given out in Southeast Asia. IGN Southeast Asia reached out to VCT shoutcaster, HusKKiee for his input on how the behaviours of these pro players affects the region.

The VCT shoutcaster believes that there are several reasons why pro players end up violating Riot Games terms of conduct, “Either for monetary gain, which is the case for Chrysania, or just to gain an edge over their enemies. Some players might feel the desperation to win or to achieve something and it drove them to put their goals above integrity and everything else.”

Huskieee also shared that this sort of thing also happens in other regions and is not isolated to pro players in Southeast Asia. Bans and suspensions are also given out not only for MMR boosting but also for cheats, unauthorised comms, exploiting bugs during matches, unregistered players, and more.

The VCT shoutcaster also said that the most important thing is, “to educate the players on the importance of competitive integrity and their duty to uphold it especially if they are professional players. Sometimes external factors can be tempting towards those who want to go pro full time, and they want some quick cash grab or an avenue to qualify for something major. However competition is all about fair play, and it is definitely unwise to jeopardise your career just to get an advantage over your enemies.”

“Pro players should always lead by example as they are at the forefront of the competitive ecosystem. It's good to see the community and Riot Games themselves handing out punishments to violators and with concrete proof and reasoning. I hope these cases serve as examples to future 'aspiring offenders' to rethink their decision to break the rules and steer them on the right path.”

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