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a month ago

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2 months ago

Why good evening esteemed @Community Member and @here. Too formal?

Let’s do things differently this time. Like, so differently. His username is Wongthekongquerer. But you probably know him as Wong. He was asked to design a poster for SGStreamers one day and for the past few events, he has been the one and only poster designer. That hasn’t changed. Now, he has new duties to fulfil as a Lead Admin on top of making posters.

Exciting times, huh?

Anyway enough about me. I’m sure you want to know what we are cooking up, right? Well, this time around, we are doing a FPS themed event and we are deeming it The FPS Dimension.

What is FPS? Well, it is obviously than Foul Play Simulator. Because when you wanna win a game, you gotta get your hands dirty. Kidding.

So why did we name it The FPS Dimension? Because the moment you walk through those doors, you’ll be transported in a place where 3 FPS games collides, forming one temporal dimension. Those 3 FPS games are Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant. You have to fight against each other by playing the games we have came up. We think it will help you learn more about the varies fps games being featured.

Think you up for the challenge? Think your quick on your feet? Think you can handle the pressure and the stress? Then, sign up early at to secure your spot. We are here to put you through the test.

That’s all folks! Now get out there and show the streaming world what you’re made of and have a great rest of the week!

P.S For those keened eyes among you, I referenced something in the post that only a true fan would know. Reaction with the appropriate emoji to show me your figured it out or post in our general chat if you think you know the answer. Don’t make it too obvious though. We don’t want the others to figure it out too soon. 👀 While you’re at it, let us know what other acronyms you guys come up with for FPS.

2 months ago
[ALMOST there]

We gave one of the biggest clues last Saturday about the theme of the event. Have you guys figure it up yet?

Here are a few things you would have noticed looking at the poster:

The background has diagonal lines cutting into what see to be odd 4 sided shapes.

The text font is very prominent and you keep thinking where have I seen this font before.

The letter “A” is the only letter in red. Showing some form of emphasis on it. Some of you might be thinking maybe it is the scarlet letter. (Except for one of the "A"s in the previous teaser poster. We ignore that. Cut our poster designer some slack, He is overworked and we don't give him enough credit for the things he do.)

The 4th and final hint we gave was in the form of a text that reads: “Welcome, dear streamers. The game will start soon.” Below that are the words Physical, Astuteness, Psychical and Balance.

Those are the 4 clues leading up to the reveal so far.

The keened eyes among you should have already figured out from the clues we gave but if you haven’t, tap on the spoiler banner and see for theme for yourself.

Now, imagine what games you’ll be playing? 👀 We can’t reveal those because it would ruin the fun, but we hope you enjoy them! But look at the cards in the poster and try to guess what they could be. We will do you a favour and list down the cards:♦️,8♣️,6♥️ and 5♠️

We can’t wait to see you guys on the 27 May 2023 for the event! In case you missed it, sign up link is

P.S There will be slight physical activities during the event so make sure you wear something comfortable.